High Performing Habits 2 & 3: Generate Energy and Raise Necessity

This week’s book is High Performing Habits by Brendon Burchard.  “…energy is significantly related to productivity. If you ever want to get more done, you don’t need to buy some app or organize your papers better. It’s less about doing e-mail better and more about doing energy better.”¹ What’s interesting about this quote, is that these habits are really some that creep up on us and are a total time suck.  We know better, but the brain buzz of avoidance or procrastination give us the hit we desire.

We are stuck in the old habits of grabbing for the donuts or adding the ranch, ketchup, mayo, chocolate, or your food drug of choice. The walks become less important… it’s snowing, it’s raining, or the classic I have too much to do to work out. You get the idea. So how do we do the things we know we need to do, like eat healthy? (Believe it or not that box of Oreos is not on any diet plan).

From last week’s book, The Power of Habit, I wrote an article on Keystone Habits. Keystone Habits are basically core habits that help create a ripple effect of other good habits. Below are what I would call Keystone habits, a list from Brendon Burchard’s book High Performance Haibts, that high performers follow daily.

Habits that High Performs tend to follow daily³

  1. Set intentions and visualize outcomes and processes
  2. Believe actions will be rewarded
  3. Prepare for possible snags
  4. Seek creativity, learning, and growth
  5. Steer social interactions toward positive emotions and experiences
  6. Reflection with gratitude

Now the key here would be taking those broad habits list and turning it into specific actions you can do to make them actually work for you instead of being just another blog article that sounds pretty. I’ll go first to kind of give examples and hold my own self accountable.

#1 Set intentions and visualize outcomes and processes – Visualize every night before going to bed. Start to do breathing (mediation) exercises during the day to help focus and become more centered. Write down my 5 goals for the next day the night before.

#2 Believe actions will be rewarded – When I feel myself “slipping” and feeling defeated or thinking “what the hell am I doing?”, let that be a trigger to hold onto belief despite. Daily accountability to help shape my belief.

#3 Prepare for possible snags – Use the “Prime Your Mind” ideas given below by Brendon

Three questions to ask yourself to prime your mind for a positive day4

  1. What can I be excited about today?
  2. What or who might trip me up or cause stress, and how can I respond in a positive way, from my highest self?
  3. Who can I surprise today with a thank-you, a gift, or a moment of appreciation?”

#4 Seek creativity, learning, and growth – Continue reading leadership books and seek to grow from them not just read them

#5 Steer social interactions toward positive emotions and experiences – Listen, Give attention not judgement, Seek where I’m similar not different, Be open and don’t fill in gaps or assume behaviors

#6 Reflection with gratitude – List three things I’m grateful for every night.

The number one enemy of high energy levels is stress. Brendon notes that “Stress is the ultimate energy and well-being killer. It slows the production of new brain cells, reduces serotonin and dopamine (which are critical to your mood), and fires up your amygdala while simultaneously decreasing your hippocampus function – making you a frazzled person with decreased memory.”² A few ways to reduce stress are to change your diet habit, exercise, meditation, and even guided counseling. Stress can also be caused by a lack of boundaries with yourself and with others.

High performance habit number 3 is raise necessity. One way to raise necessity is through belief. Brendon says that, “The moment you know that something has transcended being a passion and has become an obsession is when that something gets tied to your identity.”When something transcends from a passion and becomes an obsession, the heart of that movement is belief. Not the saying “you believe” or thinking “you believe”, but the 100% sold out to an idea. Belief is when everything moves in the same direction of you goals and dreams right down to the cells of your body. The words you speak move in the direction of your dreams. Your thoughts move in the direction of your dreams. Your subconscious works while you’re sleeping and you even dream about “your dream”.

I think the biggest hurdle we have between anything we want to do is believe. Belief causes you to do things that seem otherwise impossible, because when you believe you see the way and are continually problem solving. In fear, in disbelief, all possibilities disappear. Hope fades into a hole of depression, resentment, and disappointment. Even when something should not be within the realm of reality and when others say you’re not being realistic, hold on to that belief. It is the guiding light. It is your most precious asset. I would rather fail daring greatly, than to fail because I chose not to believe.

Sarah Jackson

Vigilant Poster Girl

Read along with us High Performing Habits


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