Becoming by Michelle Obama ~ Book of the Week

This week I made the executive decision to change the book of the week to Becoming by Michelle Obama. I don’t know is it still an executive decision if it’s just me? Anyways, in choosing this book, I thought about how I want this blog to be about becoming our best selves. Part of why I almost didn’t choose the book first was because of political climate right now. Then the reason why I did choose it was because of the political climate right now. A strong leader in her own right, Michelle’s new book absolutely needed to be part of this blog. She clearly emulates what this blog is all about and is a shining example of a vigilant poster girl. As I’m sure you’re more than likely aware of it’s release, I hope that you’ll join me in reading it and “Good to Great” will be moved to later this year.
Read Becoming by Michelle along with us here.

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Sarah Jackson

Vigilant Poster Girl


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