Born to Win by Zig Ziglar and Tom Ziglar ~ Wednesday’s Book of the Week

This week’s book of the week is “Born to Win” by Zig Ziglar and Tom Ziglar. This was Zig Ziglar’s last book written before he passed in 2012. The book was published 5 years later.

We’ve been reading a book a week for a few months now, and I admit it’s not easy. Sometimes I have to finish one of the books later. Sometimes my willpower gets the best of me. But I keep pushing through. I’ve met some resistance by those closest to me in doing this blog. They really think that reading a book a week is crazy. And maybe it is. But to me what’s even more crazy is to not try to make the most I can of the time I’ve been given on this earth. I am not satisfied with letting “life” happen to me. Like the serenity prayer says, I want to change the things I can.

We have some of the most amazing resources handed to us today. We have books we can buy, libraries we can go to, and audio we can listen to from our phones that we carry with us. Many of these liberties weren’t afforded to us 150 years ago. Especially depending upon where you are living.

Tom says it best about being, “normal”.

“Here is the reality: “normal” people are not successful in the truest sense of the word. ‘Normal’ people do not practice Will, Skill, and Refill. I am encouraging you to BE WEIRD. Choosing to be successful starts with choosing to do what successful people do. Successful people practice Will, Skill, and Refill on a daily basis.”¹

I choose not to be normal. I choose to make the most of right now. I can’t make decisions for others that I can only make for myself. But I can lead others to the water well. “You were born to win, but to be the winner you were born to be, you have to plan to win and prepare to win.”² These are the key elements along with belief and execution into making your vision a reality.

Planning and preparation are separate things. “Planning has to be based on getting a clear vision of what you want, because without a vision you don’t know which goals to set. Without goals you have no targets, and without targets you have nothing to measure how you’re doing.”³ I’ve got big plans. How about you? Some I’ve shared with you and others I’m waiting to execute at the right time. In the “Book of the Week” tab at the top of the page, I list and plan out books for upcoming weeks. I may not have all the answers when it comes to leadership, but I know where the water wells are located! They can be read in books and heard in audio with authors like Zig Ziglar, Brené Brown, John C. Maxwell, and Jim Collins. And that brings me to our next topic, preparation!

Zig defines preparation here, “Preparation is a matter of equipping yourself to win with the right tools, knowledge and support it will take to turn your dreams into plans that will make your vision into reality.”He further goes on to talk about what I coined as the 5 rights of preparation. (Thought it might make it easier to remember.)

Preparation’s 5 ‘rights’ 4

  1. The right knowledge
  2. The right accountability
  3. The right tools
  4. The right skills
  5. The right people.

With these 5 rights you’ll be much better prepared to execute your goals. A lot of times  something doesn’t go our way. A dream gets crushed. That goal we thought we should have been gets ripped away. We come to face the harsh reality of things not working out as planed. The worse thing you can do at this point is internalize your failures. There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing execution wise you could have done differently. You set yourself up for failure by not adequately planning and preparing. And I would say emphasis on the preparing.

A few days ago we started a new year, full of hope and expectations. You probably like many have new goals for the upcoming year. Each day, until you’ve executed it, how can you meet each and every one of those 5 rights of preparation? Move forward each day with preparation and expectancy. You were born to win.

Sarah Jackson

Vigilant Poster Girl

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