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This past week, Kim and I went to Talley’s for breakfast. It was a 50’s diner experience which was definitely one of the best 50’s diners I’ve been to. The food was amazing and the view transported you to another place and time. Sometimes we need to get out of ourselves and away from the everyday to really be able to reflect and goal set correctly. One of my goals for this year is to plan and prepare better. Part of that I believe though is just really focusing on your habits. This quote was shared last Saturday by my pastor Craig Groeschel at Life.Church.

“You don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.” James Clear

In our book of the week by Zig Ziglar, he gives credit to his success by the books he’s read. “Reading great books about great people allowed me to learn the principles they embraced that produced success in their lives.”¹ Recently I was listening to Goals by Zig Ziglar, a CD that I bought years ago, and in the past few years I’ve created that habit of listening to it in January.  Listening to it again this year in the car, there was something I had heard before, but struck me more profoundly this year.  I hope that it motivates me and my purpose for the upcoming year.  The quote is, “You cannot make it as a wandering generality. You must become a meaningful specific.”²

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Sometimes even when we’ve set goals, they are really not specific enough to guide us and sustain us. It’s a mistake that I know I have made through the years. “Born to Win is about planning, preparing, and expecting to win. It is also about being the best you can be, no matter your job or profession.”³ Here are a few things that I have written in my journal to help me plan, prepare, and execute those goals for the upcoming year.

  1. Create a designated time to create, define, narrow your focus, and plan on a weekly basis. Commit to at least an hour a week.
  2. Write out 5 goals for the next day every night. Review them in the morning and set your intentions toward completing them.
  3. Create a Vision statement (no really) that is extremely intention and aligns with your core values. You can get an idea of how to do that with the book we recently read, John C. Maxwell’s Intentional Living on pigs 163, and 167-179. Find a link to it in the VPG Book Store. Then create copies of it that you keep in front of you and hand out to others.
  4. Memorize your pitch. No matter what you do in life you should be able to easily and without apprehension explain it to others. Check out Zig Ziglar’s story on pgs 88-89 from Born to Win.
  5. Stay in gratitude. Each morning write down 3 things you are grateful for.

One beautiful thing about the New Year is that it creates a feeling of new opportunity and a clean slate. Inevitably throughout the year we will face obstacles and trials. The best way to combat these is to stay in a mind from of continual preparation. I’m not talking about doomsday thinking. I’m talking about practice.  “Practice prepares professional golfers and professional speakers for victory, and practice will prepare you for victory, too!”4

When you have a day where you don’t do as well, don’t tear yourself down. Commit to doing better the next day and stay in the mind frame of practice. Practice is what takes us from willpower to habit. Practice prepares us for battles and gives us purpose when we’ve yet to reach our destination.

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