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This week’s book of the week is Worth It by Amanda Steinberg. When I’m sitting still and reading or blogging, my cats love cuddling up in my lap. The inability to sit still for too long was either inherited from my mother or came about from years of being a nurse. Which one, I’m unsure. There are a lot of traits we inherit from our mothers. They raise us and guide us the best they can, encouraging us to do even better and go even further than they did. My mother’s generation were the original bra burners. The women’s movement ever evolving grew greatly with her generation. We’ve come a long way since bra burning and earlier generation’s’ the right to vote, but women still have a ways to go.

Amanda’s book Worth It dives into women’s rights biggest struggle of our generation. “I’d fallen for an advertising trick that masked reckless spending with women’s empowerment. I’d been dead wrong about being ‘worth it.’ When it came down to it, I didn’t really understand what worth meant at all.”¹

It’s the M word. Money. Let’s face it. We don’t really talk about it. Think about it. When’s the last time you had a money talk with your best friend? Or discussed the current trend of the stock market with your mother. Most of us don’t. We talk about it less and we earn less. “The average full-time working woman will lose more than $460,000 over a forty-year period due only to the pay gap. Think about this. To catch up, she’ll need to work an extra twelve years.”² That’s nearly half a million dollars!

“Money gives you choices. More income helps point you in the direction of safety and security. But true prosperity requires that women step into the role of money manager without apprehension, guilt, fear, or shame. It’s time. Owning your power and money means owning your worth.”³ This point that Amanda Steinberg brings us. This is talks our generation’s fight for equal rights. It’s not just about unequal pay. It’s our entire culture that needs a good hard look. Especially when it comes to leadership and women.

“When people think of leaders, they tend to think of men and stereotypically masculine traits (e.g., independence, aggression, competitiveness). Yet women are generally still expected to conform to stereotypically feminine traits (e.g., nurturing, nice, altruistic) in the workplace. This leads to a ‘double-blind’ in which women who exhibit feminine traits are seen as lacking strong leadership qualities, while women who exhibit masculine traits are seen as unfeminine, mean, and unlikable.”³

January 3rd marked a historical number of women, 118 total, were voted into congress.4 Join the journey of educating and promoting women leadership, because we are all worth it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, not even yourself.  Read Worth It by Amanda Steinberg, founder and CEO of Dailyworth.com.

(Recommended reading this week for GUYS: Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey)

Sarah Jackson

Vigilant Poster Girl

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