Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis ~ Wednesday’s Book of the Week

To some, a book a week, seems like an audacious goal. I’ve even mentioned it to some leaders and to them it seems like “too much”. “How about a book a month? Or maybe even a book every two weeks?” These are some responds I have gotten back. I’ve even let the thought creep in, “What if it deters people from joining?” Then I come back to the core values and vision of this blog. For me, it’s not too much because I have made my mind up to do it. When you focus your energy on a specific thing, it’s amazing all the things that appeared to be essential before now fade away.

This week’s book is geared toward girls, but I always leave a book option for guys that they can read instead. I could stick with gender neutral books, but here’s the deal: we women have specific obstacles created by our present society. Point blank, we face issues that men don’t. Now that’s not a pity plea or a fist in the air in anger. It’s just the truth. For that reason, and because I am a woman, I want to make sure that books specific to women leaders and self-development that are really great don’t get left out. I also don’t want to focus solely on those issues though, because I want this to be a place where both men and women strengthen their leadership and develop as whole people. We need each other. I love seeing women in leadership, but what I love even more is seeing people with integrity and a strong code of ethics that they live by lead.

Recommended for GUYS this week: Think and Grow Rich  

Integrity and ethics is something that has been utterly misused here in our American politics lately. It’s been used to justify a means to an ends instead of being the cornerstone that it was meant to be. And that goes for both sides of the political aisle. I don’t know at what point that all got lost. But it is what motivates me to write this blog and read a book a week so that I may develop as a leader. Sure there are summaries out there on some of these books. But no leader was ever developed because he or she decided to take the easy way out. Leadership is not supposed to be easy. Wether you read a book a week or listen to an audible book a week, I hope that you’ll take this journey with me. I feel the urgency to be the guide and help others guide as well in leadership. Join us in an amazing journey of transformation. SUBSCRIBE HERE

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