Girl. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

I completely get it. You’re tired. You’re burnt out. You’re doing your best. We get pulled in so many different directions. We give at work. We give at home. We’re under appreciated and overworked. So what’s a girl to do?

I’m sure that there are dreams you have that you haven’t reached yet. Even if that dream is just to slow down long enough for a nap. We work so hard that sometimes we forget what we’re working for. We have trouble following through on some commitments. Then, when we’re over stretched, (here’s the kicker), we get upset with ourselves and every one around us pays for it.

Slow down take a breath. This week’s book of the week is Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. (For guys I recommend Think and Grow Rich which can be found in the book store.) If you feel like you won’t be able to make the goals you’ve laid out for yourself, there may be a very good reason why.  “Your subconscious knows that you, yourself, cannot be trusted after breaking so many plans and giving up on so many goals.”¹ Basically, you don’t trust yourself.

That lack of trust has come from repeatedly letting your own self down. Not because you weren’t good enough. Not because you lacked talent. Not because you weren’t pretty enough or smart enough or all the other things we girls like to wrestle with in our heads. We don’t trust ourselves because, we break promises to ourselves. As Rachel Hollis says in her book Girl, Wash Your Face, “If you constantly make and break promises to yourself, you’re not making promises at all. You’re talking.”²

I am also writing this to myself. I have big goals and dreams. I realize that if I want to achieve those dreams and live to a higher calling then where I am now, then I’m going to have to change my thoughts and change my behaviors. Rach says, “When you really want something, you will find a way. When you don’t really want something you’ll find an excuse.”² Excuses are a dime a dozen. They can be bought and sold at fair market price. But what excuses will never do, is bring you one step closer to your goals. They may be a momentary buffer between you and guilt. They’re great at that. For the short-term that is. And then they present a large bill when you are sitting there wondering why you never were able to make your dreams come true.

It won’t be easy to do. Nothing worth it ever is. It will be a fight to stay true to your words, especially at first. But eventually, the fight will become less awkward, and more aligned with the person you were meant to be. “Whatever standard you’ve set for yourself is where you’ll end up… unless you fight through your instinct and change your pattern. That’s how I changed my own patterns and behaviors – how I established the rule in my life that I would no longer break a promise to myself no matter how small it was.”³

Leadership cannot be found in a one page article of a blog. It can’t be found in a simple one line quote. Leadership is defined by the small moments of character. Those small moments of character come together to a foundation on which leadership is built. There are no quick fixes in the game of leadership. True leadership is built-in the quiet moments of daily decisions.

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Sarah Jackson

Vigilant Poster Girl


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