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This past Sunday was a special sight. The Super Blood Wolf Moon was an event like no other. We had a red moon. We had an eclipse. We had a meteorite hit the red moon.¹ In that moment, a moon that we often take for granted was photographed and looked upon with people gazing in amazement. Our lives are much like that.

Every morning we wake up and have our routines. Some make coffee. Some go for a run. Some hit snooze over and over again. The point is our ordinary can be as amazing or drab as we want to make it. This concept can be especially hard to fathom when we are in the midst of hard times, dealing with difficult people, or just plain depressed.

Many times (especially for us overachievers) we keep our eyes so fixed on our goals that we miss the mark. We question God. We shake a fist. We want to get out of the discomfort as soon as possible. All the while forgetting that the effects of the day in day out journey is what we carry with us years later, not as much the end goal.

This week’s book of the week, Rachel Hollis’s Girl, Wash Your Facetalks about these moments, reminding us of their importance. “Maybe you have to walk through this space you’re in to be ready for that. Nothing is wasted. Every single moment is preparing you for the next.”² It is hard to see the preparation aspect of things close up and in the moment. These things are seen much better from far away. So how do you prepare for life’s difficulties that are guaranteed to come? “That is what it boils down to: faith. The belief that your life will unfold as it was meant to, even when it unfolds into something painful and difficult to navigate. Do I believe he (God) has a plan? Absolutely.”³

For those of us who are Christians we’ve come across this idea or point in more than one sermon or friend’s facebook meme. You may even have Jeremiah 29:11 memorized by heart. And it’s super easy to believe this or live by this faith when things are going well. But what about when things really suck? When a loved one dies, when our dreams get unexpectedly demolished, when unfair things happen, or when people hurt us do we believe it then?

One of the greatest leaders in history even struggled with this.”Moses returned to the Lord and said, ‘Why, Lord, why have you brought trouble on this people? Is this why you sent me? Ever since I went to Pharaoh to speak in your name, he has brought trouble on this people, and you have not rescued your people at all.”

Several times Moses doubted God. I think it is fair to say that we all struggle with this. We doubt ourselves. We doubt God. But the difference with Moses, even though he did have times of great doubt, he continued to move forward and not away from what had been placed in his heart, to lead the Jewish people out of Egypt and into the promise land.

If it were easy faith would not be required. So the next time you’re frustrated at your situation and having trouble to see how you will ever move past it, remember the Super Blood Wolf Moon. Remember Moses and trust that God will get you through this and that this moment will become part of the narrative of your life and its impact.

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Sarah Jackson

Vigilant Poster Girl


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