45 Life Lessons from “Girl, Wash Your Face”

These “Life Lessons” were taken from Rachel’s book, Girl, Wash Your Face. If you like this list and you love to laugh then you can’t go wrong with her book. You can find it here in on audible, kindle, or old school book on Amazon!

Rachel Hollis‘s 45 Life Lessons from Girl, Wash Your Face

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  2. You become who you hang out with.
  3. Choose daily what brings you joy.
  4. Begin with one single small goal.
  5. Don’t over commit.
  6. Keep your word to yourself and others.
  7. Seek a therapist or counselor for a deeper understanding of yourself.
  8. Play as hard as you work.
  9. Self care makes it easier to care for others.
  10. Surround yourself with non-judgemental friends.
  11. Hold yourself accountable for judgemental behaviors and thoughts and work at changing those behaviors.
  12. Judgement usually reveals something about our own insecurities.
  13. Be cautious when the only advice you have about relationships is your own.
  14. Respect yourself.
  15. See your story outside of yourself to gain better perspective.
  16. Have the audacity to follow your dreams despite the naysayers.
  17. Don’t let “no” stop you.
  18. Keep your goals in front of you.
  19. Remember your major accomplishments to encourage yourself.
  20. Expose the shame.
  21. Don’t set a times limit on your dreams.
  22. Stop focusing on what others think of you.
  23. Be you boldly.
  24. Commit to continual learning.
  25. Write down your goals.
  26. Say your goal out loud.
  27. Create a vision board.
  28. Don’t read the reviews/comments.
  29. Keep your creativity true to yourself.
  30. Be silly.
  31. Go to therapy.
  32. Share what you’ve been through with someone you trust.
  33. Control unwanted thoughts/memories by choosing to only think about them at an allotted five minute period during the day.
  34. Find the courage to be honest with yourself and others.
  35. Surround yourself with others who are brave about being honest.
  36. Be brave and research stories of people who have taken the journey before you so that you can learn from their stories.
  37. Replace negative talk with positive talk that you purposefully feed yourself throughout the day.
  38. Surround yourself with positive role models.
  39. Preparation increases tenfold your likelihood of success.
  40. Create healthy habits.
  41. Become self-aware.
  42. Remove temptations.
  43. Find a church that reflects a diverse community.
  44. Surround yourself with people who have different life experiences and thus different perspectives.
  45. Humbly seek to understand different perspectives outside your own.

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