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This week’s book of the week is Leadershift by John C. Maxwell. Leadershift is about the 11 essential changes every leader must embrace. “What is a leadershift? It is an ability and willingness to make a leadership change that will positively enhance organizational and personal growth.”¹ In John’s book Leadershift, he talks about 11 major shifts of transformation every leader must make including soloist to conductor, goals to growth, perks to price, pleasing people to challenging people, maintaining to creating, ladder climbing to ladder building, directing to connecting, team uniformity to team diversity, positional authority to moral authority, trained to transformational, and career to calling.

Conformity vs Adaptability

Shifting your leadership does not mean you are conforming to change, it means you are adapting to it. “Conformity is the negative quality of blending in, becoming average, refusing to stand out or capitalize on one’s uniqueness. Adaptability is the positive quality of being able to sense the shift in wind direction and proactively adjust one’s course to take advantage of that wind shift.”² Many teams and organizations have gone from great to less than good because they have failed to adapt. New technologies, systems, and ideas come out all the time. Adaptability means you can foresee what will have impact and matter and what needs to be ignored. Then it means you are able to take the right course of actions to adjust.

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As John C. Maxwell puts it, “Leadershifting will require you to rely on values, principles, and strategy, but it will also push you to rely on innovation, to seek out options, to harness creativity. You’ll also need to let go of some things and be dedicated to getting better.”³ And I think that is the key phrase there, “dedicated to getting better.” It’s committing to continual learning, implementing, evaluating, and learning again.  Read with us John C. Maxwell’s latest book, Leadershift.

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