Trillion Dollar Coach ~ Book of the Week

This week’s book of the week, Trillion Dollar Coach by Eric Schmidt Jonathan Rosenberg and Alan Eagle, is about Bill Campbell, a college football coach who eventually became one of the biggest influencers of silicon valley including Google, Apple, and Intel. “Within 9 months of joining Apple, Bill was promoted to VP of sales and marketing … More Trillion Dollar Coach ~ Book of the Week

Lead with Integrity

I try not to talk about politics in this blog. It is hard at times when your blog is about leadership. The weight of yesterday and what leadership should look like or not look like was extremely heavy. Many times in politics we debate issues that are personal to us. Those personal beliefs are then … More Lead with Integrity

Tweets From the Report

PRO-RUSSIAN PLAN TO CONTROL EASTERN UKRAINE: "All that is required to start the process is a very minor 'wink' (or slight push) from [DONALD TRUMP]," KILIMNIK emailed MANAFORT, who was asked to be the "U.S. representative" for the plan. — Kenneth P. Vogel (@kenvogel) April 18, 2019 Here's the full "does not exonerate him" … More Tweets From the Report

Book of the Week ~ “Lead Like Wesley” and “Rising Strong”

I had a hard time deciding, but ultimately chose the book Lead Like Wesley by Mark L. Gorveatte as this week’s book of the week, during Holy Week. John Wesley was the founder of the Methodist Church. And since many of the books I choose are about leadership development and skills, I thought this book … More Book of the Week ~ “Lead Like Wesley” and “Rising Strong”