The Oklahoma Storyteller


“The Oklahoma Storyteller”, a docualbum of historical events of Oklahoma, is the first of it’s kind. This week I will be starting the prerelease for the Kickstarter set for release on Thursday the 27th of March. A few of the rewards include getting a postcard from me on the road, a polaroid from one of the places I visit, a signed CD, a house concert, and even being listed in the liner notes of the CD! Click on the green button on the Kickstarter website to be notified with this Kickstarter is live!

Each song for “The Oklahoma Storyteller” will be based on historical events or people in Oklahoma. Events like the Tulsa Race Massacre, the war between Oklahoma and Texas at the Red River over a bridge, the Land Run, and people like Mickey Mantle and Will Rogers. I’m looking forward to the creation of this album and sharing it with you! Travel with me to some of these places like Robbers Cave and the Great Salt Plains, the salt desserts of Oklahoma.

IMG_2759              Humiliation Greenwood John Hope Reconciliation    IMG_0547

Black Wall Street, Greenwood, Oklahoma, Archer

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