During CoVID Pandemic This Furniture Store Won’t Close


It’s April 4th and we are smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic and here in the US things are getting ugly quickly. Now ranked the highest number of CoVID patients here in the United States, at this moment while this is being written at 309,728 cases and 8,441 deaths. Churches are closed on Sundays. Restaurants are closed except for ordering drive-through or delivery. People in the state of Oklahoma are in their houses under the “Safer-at-Home” order that Governor Stitt put in place extending it until the end of this month.

With one location in Arkansas, three locations in California, nineteen locations in Oklahoma, and two locations in Texas, Mathis Brothers have only the three California stores closed leaving the other twenty-three locations open. While other mom-and-pop stores are struggling with having to be closed they are defying what is going on around them by staying open. They are creating a place for the virus to continue to spread.

If this is such a big deal, why are other news outlets not talking about this? More than likely this will not make the local news in Oklahoma due to their big influence as they advertise heavily in those markets. An article I did find is how they are now making cloth masks for hospitals in the area. However, if you are making cloth masks, but are part of the problem for the spread due to continuing to stay open when everyone else is closed, is that really a win? The truth is the sooner we stop the spread, the easier it will be to have the proper PPE so that hospitals will not run out. California flattened the curve by telling people to stay home early, not by making masks.

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Google’s home page on April 4th, 2020


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